Stony Glen Stables


Phone: 214-724-6017

Celina, Texas


Spring/Summer 2018 Price List

For Non-Boarders

 Single Lessons

Evaluation Classes (30 min)                    $50

Add on Classes to a package                    $55

Trial Class for first time riders (30)       $50

Monthly Packages:

These are monthly packages lessons do not float month to month.

 Beginner -2’ Riders packages

$380/2X per week

$220/1X per week

2’3 Riders and up packages

$380/2X per week

1X per week- not available

Lesson Information

All lessons will be scheduled through TimeCenter!

Lessons must be cancelled ON TIME CENTER to receive a make up class!

Paddock Boots are required for all package lessons.

No Cowboy/Fashion boots allowed.

We have Helmets that maybe used until you purchase your own.

There is a $25 registration fee for ALL non boarders due with your registration.

Each student must also purchase (or have) a grooming kit. They may be purchased for $12 from Stony Glen.

Stony Glen – Online Appointment Scheduling – [ TimeCenter ]
Stony Glen Stables Spring 2018 Lesson Information [ Download ]
Stony Glen Stables – 2018 Release Form – [ Download ]